Teenie-Tiny Chocolate/Black Mini's

These little cuties are very small and adorable.  We have 4 girls and 3 boys available.  They are a brilliant chocolate/black and will be small and gorgeous adults.  They were born on 13 April and will be available as early as 30 April. A 50.00 deposit will hold your baby until then. They will be about a 15 to 20 pound adults. 



Sweet Eloise and JoJo!

Proud new Mama and Papa of 5 precious babies!  3 Boys and 2 Girls!  Eloise weighs 28 pounds.  JoJo weighs an amazing 8 pounds.  These babies should be small around 15 pounds.  Some that we have seen so far have the blue eye gene like their Papa JoJo.  We have 2 perfect pinto's, one girl and one boy.  We have 3 Blaze pinto's, which are 2 boys and a girl.  The blue eyed babies will be 400.00 and the others will be 350.00 due to their size.  The babies will be available as early as May 3rd. A $50.00 deposit will hold your baby.  Stay tuned for more individual pictures!



Spring !


Tide Pride mini Pigs!